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b'** User-oriented performance**
The powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine provides high reliability.
** Fxc3x83xc2xa1cil changes speed**
The transmissionxc3x83xc2xa3o with 9 forward speeds and 3 gears atrxc3x83xc2xa1s xc3x83xc2xa9 fxc3x83xc2xa1 is easy to shift even while driving.
Confortxc3x83xc2xa1vel work environment
The ergonxc3x83xc2xb3mica designed operator platform provides a comfortable and efficient working environment.
Powerful lifting
The forXC3X83XC2XA7A REFORXC3X83XC2XA7ADA rear lift can easily handle even heavy loads.
Extras prxc3x83xc2xa1ticos
Opxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xb5es and acessxc3x83xc2xb3rios xc3x83xc2xbateis complete the attractive package.'

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