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b'Equipped with a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine with 31hp E-TVCS technology, a 3-range hydrostxc3x83xc2xa1atic transmission and an original multifunctional xc3x83xc2xbanica lever can easily control the front and rear accessories, the versatility of the B2311 xc3x83 tractor xc2xa9 incomparxc3x83xc2xa1vel.
With a central and rear forxc3x83xc2xa7a socket, high capacity hydrostxc3x83xc2xa1ulica and increased potxc3x83xc2xa1atic transmission, flexibility and ease of use of the hydrostxc3x83xc2xa1atic transmission, notch cruise control. As well as the independent forxc3x83xc2xa7a socket and dual speed curve that improves day-to-day productivity.'

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