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b'Extremely versatile, the L2452 is available with a FST transmission (Fully Synchronized Transmission) with 16 xc3x83xc2xa0 front gears and 16 xc3x83xc2xa0 rxc3x83xc2xa9 or HST Plus (hydrostxc3x83xc2xa1tica transmissxc3x83xc2xa3o) with 6-band hydrostxc3x83xc2xa1ulica dual speed control with advanced features for optimal control, including load sensor, accelerator avanxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o automxc3x83xc2xa1tica and avanxc3x83xc2xa7o.
The tractor features a powerful and reliable 4-cylinder 45 HP Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine for first-class performance, cleaner emissions and excellent fuel economy. Kubota's 3-point linkage provides effortless implement operation, with dual auxiliary valves that sxc3x83xc2xa3o standard 2xa3o, along with an independent rear forxc3x83xc2xa7a jack system with an innovative electro-hydraxc3x83xc2xa1ulico independent PTO switch for easier implement use. The highly maneuverable 4WD L2452 offers excellent working traxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o in almost all conditions with a single gear front axle for smoother, tighter turning.
Kubota-designed front loaders are available to match the performance, ensuring precise control and operaxc3x83xc2xa3o. The sxc3x83xc2xa9rie L2 offers an opxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o of ROPs or a fully integrated, climate-controlled cab for year-round work. The spaxc3x83xc2xa7osa cabin offers excellent all-round visibility, luxury seating, direxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o hidrxc3x83xc2xa1ulica, Intellipanel fxc3x83xc2xa1 easy to use for real-time operational updates, x9m of ergonomically positioned controls and levers.'

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