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b'This tractor combines compact size and maneuverability graxc3x83xc2xa7as xc3x83xc2xa0 direxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o hidrxc3x83xc2xa1ulica. xc3x83xc2x89 powered by a powerful 24CV diesel engine, so the Kubota B1241 tractor perfectly combines forxc3x83xc2xa7a and versatility.
With 5-12 / 8-16 tires, the B1241 is present everywhere, offering a width of less than one meter overall. Perfect for arboriculturists, winegrowers, nurseries and all those where espaxc3x83xc2xa7o xc3x83xc2xa9 counted!
At work, the power of the articulaxc3x83xc2xa7xc3x83xc2xa3o and the 3-point hydraulic system, as well as the preparation of the 9 AV / 3 AR transmission, simplify your life and increase your productivity.'

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