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Pruner for orchards FRUIT-D

FRUIT-D, the new Fruit Orchard Disc Harvester, is ready to hit the market. The numerous requests from our customers and our desire to satisfy them has led to the creation of this new solution. FRUIT-D is built following the same technical concept as our toothed FRUIT harvester, with a 45° frame to ensure maximum grip and stability during the lifting operation. It consists of cutting bars with vertical and horizontal discs, composed of 6/7/8/9 discs and 2/3 respectively.
The cutting discs have a diameter of Ø 40 cm and reinforced teeth with a carbide plate. They are hydraulically driven by one or more gear motors with bearing support to protect them from shocks or counter-pressures, and with a belt/pulley transmission.
Simplicity of maintenance, cutting efficiency, adjustable disc rotation speed, and various hydraulic movements to control the working position of the machine are just some of the main features available on our FRUIT-D orchard mower. Cutting diameters possible with this disc system range from Ø 5-8 cm. It operates using a joystick connected in the tractor cabin. It requires a minimum hydraulic flow rate of 50 liters/minute, depending on the chosen cutting bar configurations. It is recommended to have an independent rear hydraulic unit with oil, pump, and cooling radiator.
Ideal for pruning orchards in general (peach, apple, and much more), as well as olive groves with espalier systems.
Brands - Alfaias