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ADDLAP approves support for the acquisition of agricultural tractors

ADDLAP approved 75 applications, with an eligible investment amount of €2,187,563.13, which corresponds to public expenditure of €1,093,781.58 euros, within the scope of the DLBC of PDR2020, and which aim to Renovate the Tractor Park Agricultural.

For the President of the Board of Directors of ADDLAP, João Paulo Lopes Gouveia, the support now available will contribute in a very positive way to the modernization of agricultural holdings, to increasing the safety of farmers and to energy efficiency.

The investment covers the intervention territory that includes the municipalities of Oliveira de Frades, São Pedro do Sul, Vila Nova de Paiva, Vouzela and Viseu.

Within the scope of DLBC – ADDLAP, around 10 million euros of investment were mobilized over the last 6 years, corresponding to support of 6 million euros for a total of around two hundred projects.

The article was originally published in Gazeta Rural.

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