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b'Heaps of power
The new Stage 5 high-capacity engine guarantees maximum performance, efficiency3x83x2xa7a and reliability3x83xc2xa7a.
High performance transmissionxc3x83xc2xa3o
The M6002 xc3x83xc2xa9 transmission is designed for high speeds and heavy loads.
Impressive lifting capacity
The CCLS hidrxc3x83xc2xa1ulico system offers high performance in rear and front hitches.
Comfort and spacec3x83xc2xa7o
The M6002 cabin offers a lot of space as well as high levels of comfort and optimized ergonomics.
Maneuverability xc3x83xc2xbanica
Its exceptional agility makes the M6002 the ideal tractor for maneuvering in tight spaces and frequent turning maneuvers.'

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